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Egress Switch's award-winning encryption platform enables organisations to protect all forms of electronic information, shared both internally and externally. Leveraging core expertise in email and file encryption services and UK government certified key management, the platform also includes, Secure Web Form and the latest online collaboration offering; Secure Workspace.

Secure Email & File Transfer
Secure Workspace
Secure Web Forms
Secure File Transfer

What can I share securely?

Email Encryption

Managed File Transfer

Media Encryption

Egress Switch provides a broad security platform which allows you to securely share confidential information by email, CD/DVD, USB or uploaded to the internet via FTP, HTTP or MS SharePoint.

Our approach provides "follow the data" control so that you have the reassurance that the sensitive information you share is only accessed by the intended recipient.

What is more, using our integrated desktop and mobile applications, Switch is easy to use and streamlines end user workflow.

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How can I access my data?

Web Based Access

Intergrated Desktop Apps

Mobile Apps

Egress Switch allows you to access your data securely in multiple ways;

Web based access – the default way to open a Switch secure email is via a web browser which requires no download or installation of software.

Desktop applications – if you want to integrate Switch in to your existing email client or systems for a more seamless and simplified user experience our desktop applications are free to download and simple to install.

Mobile applications – as workforces become more mobile it is important that you can access information securely where ever you are. Our mobile applications integrate seamlessly with multiple mobile devices including BlackBerry, iPad/iPhone and Android.

Whichever approach you want to take, Switch integration makes set up easy allowing you to start sharing information securely from day one.

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Where is my data stored?

Hosted Cloud Service

Hybrid Cloud Service

On-Premise Installation

Egress Switch uses a unique on-premise and hosted cloud infrastructure which enables us to tailor hosting based on your requirements.

Cloud hosting:

Fully hosted service – in this case your data can be held in one of our accredited data centres specific to your regional location. Our selected service providers ensure unrivalled and certified hybrid infrastructure so you have the complete reassurance that your information is totally secure.

On-premise hosting:

On-premise installation – allows you to store encrypted data locally within your existing infrastructure while offering the flexibility of outsourcing key management using our hybrid 'Private Cloud' model.

Whichever approach you take we have tailored our system with security and flexibility in mind.

For more information on Egress security click here

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When is Switch free to use?

Egress Switch makes sharing information easy by allowing the recipient of a secure email to respond to the sender free of charge as many times as they like assuming the original sender is a paying subscriber. What is more, the free user of Switch can communicate securely using Switch to any other paying subscribers.

We call this community based licensing model the Trust Network. Trust Network members are all using Switch to share confidential information securely.

If you want more information on the Trust Network and want to see who is already a member click here

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Download the FREE Apps!

Did you know that the Switch desktop software and mobile applications are all free to download

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What do you get as a free subscriber?

Whether you are a paying or free subscriber, by activating your Switch account you have now joined the Egress Trust Network

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14 day business trial

A free 14-day trial of Switch allows you to evaluate some of the advanced features of the platform not available in the free download

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Contact technical support

The Egress technical support team are on hand to answer any questions you may have and are available to paying and free subscribers

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News and Events

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Videos and Customer Testimonials

The latest Egress videos and testimonials give you a chance to hear from customers, partners and the extended Egress team about the latest news. Simply click on one of the videos above or visit our video testimonials and news pages.

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